TODOT-Task management & remind

A minimal time to do task management APP, novel and unique three-time management mode, clean interface, simple operation.

Today, the future and the past, only by doing well what we do today can we achieve a better future and have a better memory. So today is the most important thing. We should give priority to managing today’s tasks, planning future tasks and summing up past experience.

A new task model, which interprets task management from three stages, includes what is being done, what is not started, and what has been completed. The task state is decided by oneself, and the task management is more convenient.

A new calendar mode and a new task wallpaper.

– Support iOS 13 & Dark Mode

– Support task category

– Support multi-select date and note

– New UI style

– Support task pool

– Support iOS14 widget

Time is money. Time is precious. We hope that we can use the least time to manage tasks while satisfying the functions of task management. We hope that this APP can improve the efficiency of our life and work.

If you’ve used time task management app, you’ll be amazed at the convenience of this app, which will definitely improve your efficiency.

If you haven’t used the time task management app, then this app will surely make you fall in love with managing time and tasks and lead an efficient life.

App function:

– Three time management

– Three stage task management

– Right slide to complete task quickly

– Left slide quick delete task

– Right slide fast activation task

– Left slide mission to today

– Left slide replication task

– Task details display

– Quick add task

– Task to add alarm clock reminder

– Personal and job classification

– Time and task mode settings

– Job priority setting

– Task priority setting

– Security password

– Daily add and check reminder

– Widget small components display

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