Live Images

Live Images, a APP that allows photo or image to be easy to report, easy to experience, and easy to demonstrate.

Product Manager:
1. Only sketched, how do you want leaders to report?
Take a picture of the sketch, import into Live Images, link the interface image and components, add events, and animation. You can also choose PPT mode, configure the participation picture, switch the animation, event and time, you can start the slide play. Let’s report it now.

2. The APP prototype is painted. Do you want to experience it in advance to see if there is any problem?
Use the Live Images. First export the prototype to the image, then import it into the Live Images, add a hot zone to each image, associate the interface image or components, select animation and events, and now start experiencing it.

3. The APP prototype is painted. Would you like to show it to everyone?
Use the Live Images.First configure all the picture hotspots, and connect the whole process together. Now let’s give a vivid demonstration.

1. The design is finished. How can we show it to the leader?
Use the Live Images, import all the design image into the Live Images, correlate the interface for process demonstration, or slide mode for effect demonstration. Now let’s show it to the leader.

2. The design is finished. Would you like to see the whole effect in advance?
Use the Live Images, import all the design image into live Images, configure the hot zone and add event animations. You can experience the whole process without waiting for the developer.

There are three main patterns in Live Images:

Process model
1. image import
2. add hot zone.
3. associated interfaces image / components / note
4. set related images, events, and switch animation.
5. start the process play.

Slide mode
1. configure participation pictures
2. configure playback mode, events, animation, timer, etc.
3. start the slide show.

Gif dynamic image mode
1. set the picture interval time.
2. choose to participate in the picture.
3. generate Gif and save local

Other functions:
1. Project management
2. Image management
3. Cover image / start picture settings
4. Project start page configuration
5. PPT start page / end page settings
6. MAC demo guidelines
7. Help center

Please feel free to contact me if you have any problems encountered during your application. Your proposal will be the next version of the update function.



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